Enjoying Nightlife in London


London nightlife is just as popular as the place in the whole world. You can have a plethora of choices which may be hard to find in any other place. You can enjoy the cabaret, pantomime, stage plays, burlesque, comedy, and the traditional booze night with your friends at any Victorian terrace.

During daytime there are museums, art galleries, exhibitions, and even libraries that we can visit or walk around with the dog. When night time comes and everything cools down, London has several attractions that can be compared to the spots that you visit during daytime. For instance the popular Tape guestlist clubbing destination Mecca at Heaven is a walking distance from the Trafalgar Square where the National Portrait Gallery is found.

If you are a veteran partygoer, there are hidden spots for nightlife in London that you can easily find. You can have a quiet drink in the park, you can go directly to Breakfast at Egg which is where random clubbers gather to dance the Sunday morning away.

In London, you will be able to listen to the best music which may range from jazz, classical, rock, and rhythms and blues. You can also visit their indoor arenas such as the O2 Arena and the Royal Albert Hall that hold top-class concerts regularly. You can expect such concerts to be highly organized and attracting many international artists. Discover more facts about clubs at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/nightclubs.

London theaters are also hard to miss. The ones that can be found on the West End and the South Bank are world renowned. You can have the best of both fringe theater and the world-class ballet and opera as shown in famous venues such as the Coliseum, the Royal Opera House, and Sadler’s Wells. London offers a wide array of genres for theatrical plays which include thriller, drama, comedy, and musical.

Culinary arts is also something you can enjoy for nightlife in London. It is known the world over as its dining capital, there is an extraordinary culinary diversity in the area. You can take your pick from Chinese, Italian, French, and even Indian cuisines. All you have to do is check out the best Japanese restaurants in London.

For cocktail drinks, you must never miss downing some of the unique drinks offered at one of the bars like the Taman Gang. You can enjoy after work drinks, or get a glass of the club’s signature drink, or maybe even enjoy some pre-clubbing drinks in any of these quintessential bars.


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